WowWow. I really need to get a life. Havnt posted in this blog for a whole year :( I'll try posting more but dont have much time any more and to be honest with you i have my life to sort out with me being single and all :( None of my friends are even talking to me, and college is a fucking nightmare :(

I'll try my best to keep posting but right now I have another blog which i post in more often so if you read this you have have a look at it


My Boyfriend

I feel like I'm in a really cheesy mood today so I guess I'm going to write about my wonderful boyfriend....Because I can.

I absolutely love him. Here are ten reasons:

  1. He is funny.
  2. He has amazing blue eyes.
  3. He likes the same music I'm in to.
  4. He understands me.
  5. He has a good fashion sense.
  6. He is the only one who has ever loved me.
  7. He worries about me way too much.
  8. He goes to the same college as me :)
  9. He never judges people.
  10. He is not afraid to stand out. Like me :D

Anyway, they are my Top 10 reasons why I love him.

I also love him for the way he cares about me. I love talking to him about anything. I find it hard to talk about my worries to him but eventually I let him know. He always tells me he loves me and I sometimes think that he is lying to me because I don't think I am that attractive but he always says that I am. I have now been dating him for nearly 6 months :D He is completely amazing and he has never told me that he doesn't love me xx I love you Dom xx

Be Yourself!

Right. I am about to rant. Be prepared.

I really really REALLY hate it when people try to be someone they are not. I don't mean they think they are all that or anything. I just hate it when they follow crowds and start up with a particular nasty habit, such as smoking/drinking on street corners, or bullying someone just because they are different. I know plenty that are like this and it drives me completely insane with the thought of it!

Why do they do it? It's not like it will get you any more friends than you already have, it just makes you more the enemy and sometimes even hated for it. It does NOT make you any smarter, prettier or popular.

I've noticed people do it when they get to a certain age, like about 11 or 12. So what? You have just started high school, you want to make new friends, that's cool. It won't make you cooler if you think 'well, I'm in high school, I'm big! I can do whatever I want and no one can stop me' WRONG!! Getting into trouble, thinking you are all that.....WILL get you nowhere! No friends, No life, No money or career when you leave school....No qualifications to get you there dude! 'But, my friends will think I'm a geek if I listen or pay attention' WRONG again! People will be more likely to be your friend if your smart.

So, you want to end up broke, homeless, friendless (and if your not that, you will be working in McDonald's for minimum wage)? Go ahead. It will be your loss dudes! All those years or handing out with the wrong crowd because you thought it would pay off in the end.

Being yourself is much cooler than being anyone else. Most of the time those being themselves get what they want out of life :D Just saying!


Sun and Michael Jackson

Hey people =]

I have been way too hot lately to be able to post. The weather has been way too hot to be able to do anything ugh!

Anyway, the week before last, a Legend died of a supposed Heart Attack. Everyone loved him and is really upset by this sudden tragedy.

Michael Joe Jackson took the world by storm when him and his brothers became The Jackson 5. Michael then decided to write and sing his own music and eventually became the most famous person in the entire world. Everyone was shocked by his death. In fact, everyone is still shocked and this was like 2 weeks ago when he died.

I am only 17 and was not born when the Jackson 5 formed but I know that I listened to the music of them and MJ, main reason being is that my mum is a fan, she is more than a fan even. I would say she is a die-hard fan of MJ. So, anyway, I loved his music from a baby right up til now.

One thing that has been getting to me is the News. When Michael was accused of doing stuff to those 13 year old boys, everyone (mainly the Press, etc) was on his back constantly. Now he is dead, everyone is a 'Fan', everyone 'loved him'. FUCK! Is this fucking world more messed up than I thought? You go on and on at him, giving him a hard time and then he goes and dies and now you all love him? Shit! Fucking Hypocrites!

You honestly need to fucking sort your heads out! I wasn't even born when MJ and the Jackson 5 came out and I have been a fan all 17 fucking years of my life. Shit, when he was accused, I didn't believe a fucking damn word of it.

He may be dead, but fuck, he is still living in all of ours hearts. Well, those fans of his that were fans before he croaked it. Fucking Bitch!

His Music Will Live Fucking On Bitches!!


Starting again.

My blogs are (or were) all over the place so I'm starting from scratch.

This blog will be completely random.
I'm Not All That will be my Personal Blog (used for information about me and whatever).
Jadeey's Corner will be used for my poems and Stories.

I love ya'll and Peace Out! xx